How much protein to consume?

There are a variety of different formulas and theories dictating how much protein to consume. We will provide a formula for you. Whatever the number is per meal will depend on your body weight.

There are false theories that are often recommended for you to have more protein if you had a harder training session as supposed to if you had an easier one. However, we do not agree with this; you should have the same protein amount per meal, and after each training session, regardless of what you did.

There is a particular formula for this approach.

  • Take your body weight and divide it by 2.2, which will convert your body into kilos.
  • After that, multiply it by anywhere from 1.2-1.5.
  • Whatever that total amount comes out too, divide that by 4-5, which is the number of meals per-day.
  • The final number is the result for how many grams of protein you should consume per meal.

For example:

Body Weight- 185 lbs.


BW in kilos= 84.09

84.09 x 1.5 = 126 grams of protein for the day

126g of protein ÷ 5 meals for the day = 25 grams of protein per meal

Even if you have three meals for the day, depending on what your day entails with work, school, training, and social life, divide it by 5 to keep it safe from overloading your body with protein. Remember, there is not a particular number. However, having too little protein such as 5-10 grams, or overloading, is not okay. This number is a guide to make sure you are having sufficient amount of protein.

Whatever your number comes out too, +/- 5 is great. Your body is asking for protein every 2-3 hours. You do not want to consume protein every hour. If you feel this would make a difference, it will not.

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