Muscle Development

Understanding and applying the importance of specific muscle recovery methods will help with reducing muscle soreness and help with muscle development. Muscle development does not happen overnight, nor in a specific time frame.

It all comes down to a variety of different applications but the following is the major one: if your goals are specific to your training plan, then there is no room for hesitation on to whether you are going to reach them.

When I was completing my internships for St. Johns University, Hofstra University, and the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) as a Strength and Conditioning Coach Intern, of which all were amazing’s experiences, the common theme that Coaches always communicated was that a goal needs to be specific to a plan. Even though this may pertain to specific training for specific sports, this universal principle applies to everyone.

If the goal of an individual is to lose 10 pounds, whether if they participate in a sport or not, does not make a difference. The beauty of understanding physiological components of the human body is that they pertain to everyone, especially in terms of diet, supplementation, and muscle recovery.

After completing my Masters Degree from Hofstra University, my professor changed my life in a variety of different ways, and one specific area is through supplementation. It really opened up my eyes and that is what I am about to do for you.

Here are your basic goals for achieving muscle development and growth.

  • Make sure your goals are specific to your plan.
  • Proper supplementation
  • Be consistent in your training #nodaysoff
  • Find a coach (send us a message and we can design programs for you)



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