Weight Loss Training

Anaerobic training is performing activities that involve weight training, plyometric exercises, speed, agility, or interval training. During anaerobic training, you will have specific moments where it is more challenging to control your breathing. The reason for this is because we are increasing your heart rate higher compared to aerobic activities. 

Your percentage of body fat for weight loss is going to be more efficient by completing interval training than steady cardio.

Weight loss is simple. Do not perform steady cardio. 

Steady cardio is not going to expend more calories compared to interval training.

Let's compare two different workouts on a stair master (the levels I choose are just examples).

  • Workout #1- Stair Master for 10 minutes
  • Workout #2- Stair Master for 20 minutes (1 minute of stepping and 1-minute rest, for 10 sets)

Workout #1

Your heart rate will increase, and it will eventually plateau. This is aerobic training, also known as steady cardio.

Workout #2

After you complete the first set, your heart rate will elevate. During the resting set, it will slightly decrease. As you continue until completion, the pattern of your heart rate continually rising, and decreasing will expend more calories than steady cardio.

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