Whey Protein Vs. Casein Protein

Twenty amino acids make up one complete protein. Eleven are nonessential, meaning our body naturally produces them. The other nine amino acids are essential, of which our body does not produce (1). In other words, the essential amino acids we need to obtain through food or supplementation.

Proteins have a variety of different benefits:

  • Supporting growth and maintenance of body tissues
  • Repairing muscle damage from exercise
  • Increases the four primary anabolic hormones after digestion  

Whey proteins are faster-digesting proteins than casein (2). The reason for this is because of the faster amino acid ingestion through, whether through food or supplementation. The faster the amino acids can digest into the body, the quicker the body can help with muscle recovery. Foods that involve whey proteins are eggs, chicken, or fish. 

Casein proteins are primarily found in milk, cheese, beef, or through supplementation. This protein has a slower digesting value than whey protein. The reason for this is because these amino acids have a prolonged amino acid ingestion.

Understating this difference will be helpful to know which type of protein you would want before and after training, including before you go to sleep.


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