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We saw you out there. Today, you put it all out on the line. Everything you had to give, you gave. 

What about tomorrow? 

Training to be combat ready means lifting more, faster, longer. When you have maxed out your muscles, tested your joints, and pushed your system to the max, recovery is the difference between leading the team or being left behind. 

Arm your self with AMINO AMMO. This mixture is a complete blend of BCAAs to make sure your body has what it needs to rebuild your muscles and rehydrate your system after you have demolished your workouts. After an intense training session, your body tries to get energy from anywhere it can - BCAAs ensure you have the glycol levels needed to prevent your muscles from breaking down and metabolizing. 

A high concentrate of electrolytes works to improve your hydration levels and puts water to work for improving circulation to flush lactic acid buildups from your muscles so they can repair faster. With AMINO AMMO, you will feel reloaded, recharged, and ready for the next round faster. 

Don't wait until you are burnt out before you refuel. Stay on top of your workouts and your training by supplementing with AMINO AMMO. Available in Blue Razz and Strawberry Lemonade flavors, add a scoop of AMINO AMMO to 12oz. Of water to drink before, during, and after your training. 

  • Replenish and recover with a complete BCAA blend
  • Simple electrolytes to hydrate depleted muscle tissue
  • Built strength and mass faster
  • Elevate glycol levels and restore energy faster

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What makes Patriot Sports Nutrition different? 

There are no surprises, no deception. The honest truth of everything inside of our blends is right there on the label. Our products are made with natural ingredients inside qualified facilities right here in the USA. 

We are veterans ourselves and know how important it is to stay prepared and ready for whatever life throws at you. Whether you are on your own or with your team, you need to know what you can count on when things get intense. Our products are designed to give your body everything it needs to maximize your training, increase your potential, and recover faster so you can do it all again tomorrow.

We Give Back

“Once you can pull yourself up, pull up those around you.” As veterans, we know what it is to give 100% of ourselves to the improvement of communities. It is why we focus on our training and keeping ourselves at peak physical and mental wellness - so we can serve those who need us when we are called. We believe in giving back to our communities and supporting those around us who may have fallen. By being at the top of our game, we are able to take the right action at the right time.