If you spend a day with Phil, you’ll quickly notice a few things: he makes people laugh, he laughs at his own jokes and if nothing else, he's consistent. What you see is what you get with Phil. He is the same person whether he’s wearing gym shorts or Dress Blues. He is driven by the Marine Corps code: Honor, Courage and Commitment. His sense of humor, ethics and honesty are compromised for no one.

     Phil’s focus is building a community of like-minded people to help serve others. He believes in the power of people. While he’s investing in people’s lives through fitness and supplements, and by sharing his life experiences with you on his podcast, Phil is committed to driving home the message that no matter what you have been through, you can always move forward, and when the pain gets great enough, you will change. He is not interested in bragging about what he has accomplished along the way, he’s more interested in inviting you along for the ride(referencing his Instagram TV Show, #TopDownTalks). Whether you’ve known him for years, just met him, or seen him on the inter web, Phil will make you feel like part of the family from the start. Rest assured that behind his jokes is an earnest effort intended to make you feel included.







      Spend five minutes around Wade Waddick and you’re bound to hear one or all five of these words: Purpose. Mission. Impact. Legacy. Action. 

     Wade will ask, “What is your ‘why’? What is your purpose?”. Wade’s life is fueled by intention. He intentionally surrounds himself with “why’s” that are bigger than himself: his daughter, teammates, clients, his country, the Marine Corps, the challenge of an Ironman, helping others and consistently giving back. 

     If we had to boil Patriot Sports Nutrition down to two words, it would be Mission and Impact. Wade co-created PSN not only to elevate your workouts; his mission is to improve lives by giving back. PSN’s mission is to positively impact the lives of PSN’s clients and the community. Patriot Sports Nutrition was created to help people achieve their fitness goals while giving a portion of each sale to 1st Responder and Veteran foundations. Wade’s commitment to leaving this world a better place is so genuine that his shoulder tattoo reads “Leave Your Legacy”.

     Wade puts his knowledge of the fitness industry and his experience in the Marine Corps in to action every day. Wade’s gym, non-profit, podcast and now, Patriot Sports Nutrition are just a few of the areas where you will see Wade put his passion in to action. He believes that helping others discover what they are truly capable of is the greatest job on Earth.